restaurant solutions Need more information? Why LRS?

Long Range Systems offers a wide selection of products and services designed to make your restaurant more profitable. Since 1993, we have been the leader in restaurant paging by listening to the needs of our customers. In fact, most of our products have been created from ideas submitted by customers like you. We offer equipment for restaurant paging, Electronic Comments Cards, Wireless Internet Access Services and Motorola radios. In addition to our wireless communication products, we also provide exciting new services such as Click-Ahead Seating. At LRS, we don't just sell equipment; we sell profitability for your bottom line.


Paging Systems

> Guest Paging

Page guests when tables are available.

> Server Paging

Page servers when food is ready, increase check averages and deliver food at proper temperatures.

> Quick Casual Paging (Key Call TX)

For concepts that deliver to the table.


> Click-Ahead Seating Service

Allow your guests to view waits from their home and place their name on the waitlist up to 7 days in advance. This is ideal for restaurants wishing to give their customers the ultimate convenience.

seating Management

> Seating Management

The most economical table management system on the market.  This system is packed with features like guest and staff paging, wireless table status and wait list management, all in one compact unit.

To-Go, Curbside

> Video Camera Solution

To-Go lanes are monitored by video. Staff is paged immediately upon customers arrival while monitoring greet and total service times.

> Butler Paging Solution

To-Go lanes are monitored by a loop sensor and the staff is paged immediately upon a customer's arrival.

Electronic Comment Card

> Informant

The Electronic Comment Card that actually pages a manger if a guest has a bad experience.  Get the pulse on your business without waiting days or weeks for results.

push for service

> Push For Service - Coaster Lite

Ideal for dinner theaters and comedy clubs. Guests request service with the push of a button

Wireless Internet

> Wi-Fi Service

Provide wireless Internet access at no charge to your customers.

Motorola radios

> CLS Radios

> XTN Radios

Communicate effectively with all managers and staff using two-way CLS and XTN radios by Motorola.