Paging systems Need more information? Why LRS?

Cutting edge paging systems technology has been the hallmark of Long Range Systems since 1993. We were the very first to offer guest paging systems with coaster pagers. We hold several key patents for on premise paging systems for features such as any-orientation stack charging, coaster design and cell phone paging to name a few. Our cell phone paging system can be used to page guests with a pre-recorded voice message on their personal cell phone. This unique feature is one of the many ways we strive to reduce the cost of owning our paging systems.

The most common use of our paging systems is to page guests or customers who are waiting for services, treatment or notification. Business who incorporate our paging systems into their daily operations, experience greater efficiency, increased guest satisfaction, and a boost to their bottom line.

Paging systems are also used for communication between staff. We feature systems like our PC paging product - NetPage and our Room-to-Room Pushbutton Paging System. NetPage enables users to send a text message from any personal computer directly to an alphanumeric pager while our pushbutton paging system featuring the Butler II allows staff to communicate room-to-room with the push of a single button.

Paging System Components

Rechargeable paging systems consist of three major components: 1. A Transmitter, 2. The pagers, 3. The Charger. Battery operated paging systems consist of the same minus the charger. Our paging systems feature five types of pagers that include both battery operated and rechargeable units. For specific information on the pagers and their associated paging systems, click on the photos below. For specific uses in your industry, click the appropriate link below.

coaster paging systems
paddle paging systems

Lobster Paging systems

Server Paging Systems
Alphanumeric paging systems

Coaster Call®

Lobster Call

Service Pager

Alphanumeric Pager
(Battery Operated)

Paging systems have many applications across many industries

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