Church Nursery paging Need more information? Why LRS?

Church nurseries have discovered the usefulness of silent vibration pagers for added parent satisfaction, convenience, and security. Parents appreciate the comfort you provide.

  1. Give parents peace-of-mind knowing they can be immediately notified if they are needed.

  2. Nursery attendants do not disrupt the service to search for parents.

  3. Security Solution - No child is given to a parent without the assigned pager.

  4. Only the needed parent is notified silently. No distracting LED’s, light-boards or signs.

At least one of these reasons has begun many church’s consideration of using a paging system and now have the task of choosing the most reliable company that offers the best and most affordable system.


Nursery Pagers

nursery pager
paddle pager
Coaster Pager

> Service Pager With Cradle

Our most popular pager for nursery paging systems, the service pager is the best on the market today. It's a very rugged and dependable design built with the most demanding quality standards.

> AdvertTeaser
(Paddle Pagers)

The AdverTeaser is our most popular pager for church nursery paging system. It's rugged, features one piece design, and allows you to promote special event and activities.

> Coaster Call

The first pager in the shape of a drink coaster. Coaster call flashes and vibrates to alert parents when their assistance is needed.

Long Range Systems’ nursery paging systems have many unique differences from other paging systems. We have solved all of the problems associated with battery-operated pagers by developing a rechargeable pager. Twelve years of building pagers and serving thousands of churches has led Long Range Systems to build the best paging system available today. We have a great package of services that’s hard to beat!

Compare our features:

1. Affordability

First and most importantly, our systems are very affordable and packed with value. We also don’t force you to buy a certain amount of pagers. Just tell us what you need and we will custom build your church nursery paging system.

2. Rechargeable

Just place the pagers in the charger when not in use. No need turn them off, no more changing batteries every couple of months, and no more dead pagers. These pagers will always be fully charged with a very strong vibration. Battery-operated pagers lose their vibration strength quickly with a low battery. We use Nickel Metal Hydride batteries with an expected life of around five years. These last much longer and don’t have the “memory” problems that pagers with Nickel Cadmium batteries have.

3. Durability

Unlike battery-operated pagers, our rechargeable pagers have no buttons, battery doors, crystal screens, or directly attached clips to break off. Our pagers are solidly constructed with durable Lexan plastic with no exposed screws to prevent tampering.

4. Range - UHF Signal

We utilize Ultra High Frequency (420-470 MHz) technology. Very simply, this frequency gives the best range and reliability available in a nursery pager. It can pass easily through walls, steel, people, etc. UHF technology gives you range of up to 2 miles. This is far superior to a 27 MHz system.

5. Repeatability

Our proprietary protocol utilizes repeater technology, which allows our pagers to have an unlimited range and cover greater distances, when necessary. All battery-operated pagers utilize the POCSAG technology, which has limited range.

6. Design Quality

Long Range Systems is an engineering and manufacturing facility. This means we design and assemble all of our pagers in house. We closely control quality and design pagers with features that are important to our customers.

7. 24/7 Service

Just as parents leave their confidence in your hands, you can place your confidence in ours. Our service department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any question you may have, even on Sunday!

8. Warranty

We provide a full 2-year warranty on your paging system. Extended and lifetime warranties are also available.

9. Loss

Transmitters can send out an “Auto Locate” page to find any lost pagers within the building. There is also a reminder tone to let parents know if they have taken the pager off the premises. Nursery personnel should also be sure to take the assigned pager before delivering any child for security purposes.

10. Expandable

All of our nursery transmitters can page up to 9,999 pagers.

11. Pager Clips

LRS rechargeable pagers utilize pager holsters with spring-loaded belt clips. This eliminates broken belt clips as well as the need to return an entire pager for repair.

12. Simple Setup and Use

Systems are all “Plug and Play”, ready to run right out of the box. No wiring is required. Minimal training is needed to show volunteers or new staff how to operate the system.

Got questions? Call 1-800-437-4996 or submit an inquiry. Our friendly staff is ready to help!