Voice over IP

VOIP Definition

VOIP (pronounced Voice-Over IP) is the newest means of using the Internet to make phone calls. Using VOIP technology, your voice is broken up into small, digital “packets”. These packets are sent like data when you surf the Internet.

When sending VOIP packets, they must be translated to copper phone lines used in homes throughout the US. Long Range Systems has taken care of this making VoIP simple for you. 

T7500 Cell Phone Paging vs. T7450 Cell Phone Paging

LRS patented the use of cell phone paging with on-premise paging in 1999.

It has been a great feature to lower replacement fees and repairs costs.

In order to use cell phone paging, the restaurant had to a install a dedicated phone line. While the system works great for malls and waterfront locations, it was limited in high-volume restaurants because it could only call one person every 35 seconds. Therefore if you need to page multiple parties, it could take several minutes.

VOIP technology now frees the restaurant from the phone line. VOIP allows you to send multiple phone calls at once so you can page multiple parties at one time.  Because it is 100% digital, sound quality of VOIP is much better than standard phone lines. VOIP allows your customers to respond to their page.  For example, they can touch tone back to you indicating they will or will not be returning or even whether they need more time before being seated.

VOIP only requires a high-speed Internet connection.  You can use your existing connection and just run a line from your router.  It’s simple to do and we can help you with any questions you might have.